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MI Tattoo & Piercing Studios

At MI Tattoo & Piercing Studios, we pride ourselves on our creativity, hygiene, customer service and professionalism. We understand how daunting getting a tattoo or piercing can be, so we make sure you’re satisfied with the design and take the utmost care when tattooing or piercing. Our spotless tattoo studio in Eastbourne is welcoming and our skilled artists are happy to discuss your design specifications or answer your piercing queries.

mick from mi tattoo and piercing studios

MICK - Tattoo Artist

Mick's story started in Oxfordshire and he has worked as a tattoo artist for over a decade. His designs are truly ambitious and his crisp finishes show his exceptional artistic skill. He is a meticulous worker who specialises in colour work, neo-traditional and new school tattoos, as well as being highly proficient in black and grey work and dot work. Visit MI Tattoo & Piercing Studios in Eastbourne for a piece of Mick's work

JAKOB - Tattoo Artist

Jakob has had a long history as an artist, working in many fields including painting, graphic design, curation and illustration. As a tattooist, he brings his skills in the themes of glitch, abstract and black tattooing to make his mark on the already rich history of body art. Jakob is a huge advocate of artistic expression in any field, which helps him create truly original artworks for his clients. Jakob prides himself on creating that perfect piece of art for his clients - specializing in Japanese and black work tattoos.

jacob from mi tattoo and piercing studios
jade from mi tattoo and piercing studios

Jade - Body Piercer

Hey, I’m Jade the body piercer at MI Tattoo & Piercing Studios in the sunshine coast, Eastbourne. I’ve always loved piercings for as long as I can remember, I also love all things sparkly. I discovered my passion for piercing over 3 years ago when I was lucky enough to learn the trade in my hometown Maidstone. Where I worked in a busy studio for over 2 years I was a head piercer and a teacher of piercing too. I moved to Eastbourne about a year ago and now i’m working in this beautiful studio with other great artists!

DELILAH - Apprentice

Delilah grew up in Eastbourne and found an interest in body customisation and body art early on in life. To Delilah, piercing is a form of expression that offers people a chance to stand out and represent their individuality, and she is instrumental in making that happen for her clients. she is also currently pursuing an apprenticeship in tattooing to add more tools of expression to her skill set. as an artist she is working on creating designs in the new school and neo-traditional genres of tattoo.

delilah from mi tattoo and piercing studios


We believe in creating the best possible experience for our customers. From the first sketches to the final dash of ink, our artists make sure you’re relaxed. Our team is highly trained and always delivers unique, high-quality custom designs. Whether you’re not sure about the design or you’re not sure about tattoos and piercings altogether, we’ll guide you through your options. Come and visit our studio and we’ll pour you a drink and help you reach the right choice for you. Based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, our tattoo and piercing salon has an environmentally friendly ethos, so drop by today and let’s chat about designing your next piece!


Everyone has their own unique style and we appreciate that, which is why we promise to keep you in the loop from start to finish. We will spend time perfecting your design and make sure you’re totally at ease in our piercing and tattoo studio. Hygiene is our main priority so you can rest assured you’re in a clean and professional environment. Trust Mi Tattoo & Piercing Studios with your body art.

mi tattoo and piercing studios
mike tattooing a girls leg

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MI Tattoo & Piercing Studios
MI Tattoo & Piercing Studios

Jay Bird! 🐦 Tattoo Design.
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☎ 01323 34 36 38
No Overcharging.
Evenings & Sundays By Appointment.
Cover Ups & Custom Designs.


MI Tattoo & Piercing Studios
MI Tattoo & Piercing Studios

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Hourly Rate £60
Cover Ups, Refreshing Old Designs
Redesigning Old Tattoos


MI Tattoo & Piercing Studios
MI Tattoo & Piercing Studios


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MI Tattoo & Piercing Studios
MI Tattoo & Piercing Studios

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☎ 01323 34 36 38
£60 Per hour// £350 Day session
Evenings & Sundays By Appointment.
Cover Ups & Custom Designs.


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