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Looking for a unique piercing? At MI Tattoo & Piercing Studios, we offer a complete piercing service. Our piercing artists only use medical grade titanium body jewellery for all piercings and single-use sterile piercing needles, tools and jewellery. Your piercer will also give you comprehensive aftercare instructions so you can keep your piercing looking as good as new! Visit our piercing studio in Eastbourne, East Sussex and talk to our expert piercing artists.

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Piercing Aftercare

Always make sure you wash your hands first before touching your piercing!

Keep your piercing clean by gently cleaning around the area with saline (salt water) solution or healing gel, twice a day for the first two weeks and every other day for the last four.

The piercing may bleed when you first have it done, and may also be tender, itchy or bruised for a few weeks. If a crust develops don’t remove it, it’s your body’s way of protecting the piercing.

Change down bar/changing your piercing You will need to come back in 2/3 weeks for a change down bar after your piercing as you will be pierced with a long swelling bar and you will receive a free check-up too.

We recommend you wait 6/8 weeks before changing your piercing. This is the amount of time that it takes for the piercing to heal enough, this healing period can vary between people so consult your piercer if you’re unsure.

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